Murray & Nelson

Admiral Sir George Murray and Admiral Horatio Nelson were close friends . Their friendship was probably sealed at the Battle of Copenhagen, April 2nd 1801 when Murray lead the attack in the Edgar.

Many of the letters between Murray and Nelson now in the WSCC Record Office show the close friendship between the two.

Murray was unable to join the fleet going to Trafalgar and the last letter from Portsmouth was thanking Murray for a side of venison. Murray had been given special leave to deal with the affairs of his father in law, Colonel Teesdale, who died in July with a complex estate. Murray was the chief executor of the will. The fleet departing in September did not know whether they would encounter the French and Spanish Fleet. The Victory had been chasing for the enemy  for the previous two years with Nelson and Murray as close campanions. Nelson would have no other Captain of the Fleet  hence the expression in the Navy ” Murray or None” when no other substitue will suffice.

Murray was given a prime positon at the funeral of Nelson. Murray, as Vice Admiral of the Red,  achieved a higher rank than Nelson who was Vice Admiral of the White at the time of Trafalgar.