NEWS:” Murray/Nelson sculpture will be sited next to the Council House in North Street

“Murray in the Americas” is now available to download from this site in the archive



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Admiral Sir George Murray was born in Chichester 1759 and also died here in 1819. He and his wife Ann are buried in Paradise at the Cathedral. Until recently, he was only vaguely known in Chichester for the building of his home, now the Ship Hotel. Murray was a close friend of Nelson and Captain of the Fleet and probably the main reason he is less well known is that he missed the battle of Trafalgar as his Father in Law had recently died and left a complex will with George Murray as Executer. Nelson would not appoint another Captain of the Fleet hence the naval expression” Murray or None”. Had Murray been at Trafalgar he would have certainly been by Nelson’s side when he died and history would have been very different. Murray finally retired from active duty in 1813 although still employed at a senior level by the Admiralty such was the respect and liking for the man. As with other members of the Murray family, he was actively involved in the life and running of Chichester. 2015 marked the 200th anniversary of Admiral Sir George Murray as Mayor of Chichester but also the 250th anniversary of the commissioning of HMS Victory on which Murray served with Nelson. A small group known as the Murray club is looking to raise awareness of Admiral Sir George Murray.  The final phase will be a full size sculpture of Murray and Nelson by Scuptor Vincent Gray